Requirements for a MRP against lost MRP

The lost MRP holders are requested to start MRP applications process as soon as possible. For your kind information, the Bangladesh Embassy in Berlin only process Machine Readable Passport (MRP) applications, but the printed MRP comes from Dhaka. So, it requires usually 6-8 weeks (sometimes more than that) to get MRP after successful application. The following things are required to send to Embassy by registered post to start MRP application process against lost MRP:

  1. Filled-in MRP Online Application Form (with bar code) printed copy
  2. 01 (one) copy recent passport size photograph
  3. 01 (one) set of photocopy of lost Bangladesh Passport (1-5 page)
  4. Copy of police report (with name and lost passport number) of lost passport
  5. Photocopy of applicant’s National ID Card or Digital Birth Certificate
  6. Copy of valid Student ID card (If anyone wants student discount; only for College and University students with valid student ID card)
  7. Proof of payment for MRP to Embassy Bank Account [Copy of Bank transfer slip/Überweisung Euro 110,- normal; Euro 35,- for student discount only for college and university student] (Embassy Bank Account details: Embassy of Bangladesh: Deutsche Bank, BLZ:100700 00, Account No:060 7788, IBAN: DE 21 1007 0000 0060 7788 00, BIC (Swift code): DEUTDEBBXXX)]
  8. Copy of marriage certificate (If marital status has changed and the applicant wants to include spouse name in the new MRP)
  9. Self addressed envelope with stamp (Please write your name and address to get delivery slip/ enrolment ID of your new MRP application)

 Important Note:

Kindly send all documents (serial number: 1-9 as stated above) to Embassy with registered post to complete your MRP process. As you have old MRP, your biometric data (finger print, digital photo, digital signature etc) will remain valid in MRP central data base which we will use for your new MRP. So you need not to come again for biometric data. The Embassy will complete your application and send a delivery slip/ enrolment ID documents of your new MRP application against old one into your given envelope to your written address.

In rare cases, your old biometric data may not be found. In that cases, the Embassy will contact with you by e-mail/ phone for taking bio-metric data again (it happens approximately 1-2% cases) and in that cases you need to come at the Embassy. If you want to change your biometric data (finger print, digital photo, digital signature, marital status etc) then you need to take an online appointment as new MRP application process.

Kindly note that no hand written Application Form for MRP will be accepted