Requirements for Visa

Most countries‘ citizens must possess a valid visa to enter Bangladesh. The type, category, and duration of the visa are determined and confirmed by the Embassy. The specific type and category of visa vary based on the purpose of the visit, the length of stay, and any bilateral agreements with the foreign national’s country. Any changes in the rules and regulations enacted by the Government of Bangladesh will also apply to visa issuance.

General requirements for all visa categories include:


  1. A duly filled-in application form.
  2. One copy of recent passport-sized photographs (Size: 37mmX37mm).
  3. An original valid passport (with at least 6 months of validity).
  4. Proof of payment for the required visa fee (please refer to the visa fee requirements for your specific country and category, and ensure payment is made to the Embassy’s bank account).
  5. The necessary documents corresponding to your visa category/type (please review the required documents for your specific visa category).
  6. A self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage for the return of your passport by registered post, if you wish to receive your passport via mail.

Specific visa requirements for different categories are as follows: