Visa on arrival

General Information:
– Visitors from countries in which Bangladesh has no mission, and from those countries, which issue Landing Permit (LP) or Visa on Arrival (VOA) to travelers from Bangladesh,  will qualify for the same at the Hazrat Shahjalal International airport, Dhaka.–  Foreign investors, exporter and the people attending seminar or symposium organized by the government of Bangladesh will also be eligible for VOA (VOA seekers must produce valid documents from concerned authorities such as BOI, BEPZA, BGMEA, FBCCI and  concerned Ministries of the Government).– People from BOI remain on duty round the clock to facilitate the foreign investors with VOAs or LPs on the basis of certification from BOI, BEPZA or Ministry of Industries.–  People from any country under official ban will not, however, qualify for VOA or LP.–  The immigration officer at the port of entry (i.e. airports, land ports etc.) will approve VOA after examining all relevant documents and after his/her full satisfaction.– Same port for entry and departure

Visa Duration: Maximum 30 days, single entry 

Who are eligible?
Citizens holding valid passports of the European countries of the following categories may obtain visa on arrival at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka:

  1. Business/Trade officials
  2. Potential investors
  3. Tourists
  4. Members of defense and security forces with prior clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh
  5. Spouse and children of Bangladeshi origin foreign citizens (at the port of entry, such VOA seekers must submit proof of Bangladeshi origin e.g., citizenship certificate, current/expired Bangladesh passport)
  6. Officers/staff of the foreign Embassies, UN and subsidiary organizations located in Bangladesh (VOA seekers must submit their appointment letters and other related travel documents).
  7. Also citizens of the European countries of above categories are eligible for visa on arrival if they travel to Bangladesh from a country where there is no resident Bangladesh Embassy/Consulate.
VOA seekers must check the following prior to departure for Bangladesh:

  1. Fees to be paid at the port of entry in cash in USD/Euro/Pound Sterling
  2. Minimum USD 500 in cash or in credit card (Except those on government duty)
  3. Return ticket for short time stay
  4. Valid passports (Holders of Certificate/Laissiez-passer issued by the United Nations and its Specilalized Agencies and Continuous Discharge Certificate/Nullies/Seaman book (when traveling on duty) are exempted from this.)

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